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Wishing all of you a...
Merry Christmas
and Happy NEW Year 2011!

Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse)

Special offer 2010

The same procedure as...
Dear friends Christmas time is the one to reflect for another year has almost passed. Everything is coming together slowly. Never lose your vision and never lose your faith. Stay true to yourself and then you′ll have a chance to succeed! Until we meet again.
Merry Christmas
Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse)

Special offer 2009

News from the myspace site of Yellowhouse @ www.myspace.com/yellowhouserock:
Saturday, December 05, 2009
Upcoming Video Interview with Yellowhouse by Yellowhouse myspace friends!
Category: Music
Dear friends,
the first upcoming video interview with Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse) is planned for the new year and YOU can send in questions to be included in the video interview!!!
Send your questions to info@yellowhouse.de

A Very Special Christmas Message from Yellowhouse
Another Christmas, another year has passed by. We all get older, but keep young at heart. Things will get better. Until we meet again along the road.
Merry Christmas
Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse)

A Very Special Christmas Offer from MMNRecords
The label MMNRecords gives a special discout deal for Christmas via CDBaby: both Yellowhouse CDs "Illusions Of Everyday" and "What´s Shining Through" for 50 % off.
(for more info, please click on the foto below...)
YELLOWHOUSE PROMO Christmas Special 2008

And... last not least... the same procedure as every year:
Yellowhouse wishes all fans, friends and business partners a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year 2008 and all the luck in the world. May there be peace on earth and no wars!

Transcription of the 3rd MySpace chat with Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse).

IM chat 3

Category: Music

Finally... 3rd I M chat with Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse).

Dear friends of Yellowhouse,

finally the 3rd online myspace IM chat with Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse) was happening on Sunday evening, December 16th, 2007 at 10 PM (CET)! Her comes the transcript with excerpts from the 3rd I M chat with Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse).

What are you working at musically now?
I'm working on three things, a new Yellowhouse CD, which is in the early stages, then I just finished recording a CD with Jimi Interval (Ex- singer of Captain Beyond) as IKP and also I'm working on solo stuff, there is a MySpace profile as well, which has some embryonic output...

Yellowhouse has lots of friends at myspace...nearly 4000! That must be good! A lots of new fans! It's hard to keep in touch with them if they are too many!
We are thinking about downsizing actually.. LOL
To be honest, Yellowhouse is getting too many requests by friend collectors, don't get me wrong, but we'd rather have 100 friends and fans on myspace, that are really interested in Yellowhouse, than 100.000 that are just casually or not interested at all. A lot of requests are denied actually, and we don't mean to sound arrogant, but lots of requests are too obvious from friend collectors. We consciously don't do that, I mean it is the effect of signaling: a bandprofile nd friendlist gives a hint of the audience and target group...and certain groups are off limits! I am sure that some artists seem to say *yeah* to everybody... but that has no direction as far as we are concerned! So IMHO it is pointless. Also when we request people, some artists go over the board and we don't wanna go that way, for certain other people groups are not feasible either, and I don't mean that in a derogatory way.
Internet is a dangerous thing, many strange people out there!
And we had to kick out a few of our friends list too, not many, for they jerked around basically. That's not good for the image of Yellowhouse, it is far better to have control of the friends scoop that we have got...and not just to have many...
I had that problem with some former bandmembers, wrong targeted group that lead to wrong or say unadequate signals for new people, and it disperses the envisaged target group as a side effect too. I don't wanna sound conceited here, but I went through this, not too many people understand this. There are so many things that that guy or the bunch of people, who are standing on the stage, can not control and before you realize what's going on, it is gonna be almost too late.

Have you played since you were a child?
I started with 15. First attempts, uhhh LOL

Have you played the same kind of music all the time or have you changed during the years?
Probably never changed. At least not in essence. Only getting better LOL I mean, if you take Yellowhouse and Orchid Leaves, then there you have the scope plus instrumental solo stuff takes from both in a way.

You have known all your life what kind of music that's your style then? Not everyone knows that from the start...they try a lot of different musicstyles before they are satisfied...
I really never followed trends and didn't vary my tastes significantly. I know what I'm after. And perhaps, partially also due to my narrowmindedness I never did expand too much stylistically. LOL Plus I never tried to copy anybody like lots of people actually do. Sure I have my influences, but I never sat down, even from day one and tried to copy anyone of my guitarist-heroes as Tommy Bolin, Larry Rhino Reinhardt, Bernie Tormé, Tony Iommi etc.

What do you think about people, who download music illegally?
To be perfectly honest with you... and I'll be bluntly honest... they're crooks! I mean, as soon as you take somebody's property, that is stealing. Or taking a free ride. There is a very asymmetric protection of recorded work and live performance. I mean, try to sneak into a concert without paying. That is almost impossible, unless you are on the guestlist of the artist or something. But try to take a free ride on someones recorded output: it's so easy. Just download it illegally or burn it from some CD. And the artist, composer, producer gets ripped off for their royalties. Plus people do not make a difference if it is a new band, an almost famous band or a stadium band, that they are stealing from. So here we are all faced today with a situation, where the very same people that love the music the most have been strangelholding its neck and now they are wondering that it is dying.
"How come that my new band can not get a shot in the music biz, when it should?" Well, just because you helped killing it my friend. The karmic cycle has got you. I'm not pointing the finger on somebody specifically here. I'd just ask anybody, myself included, to *take a look at yourself and nobody else*...
Today we are faced with a situation, where there isn't a chance for a new rock band to become the next big thing, because there isn't the infrastructure to do it. Any band, who tries to produce new material is trying to climb the slippery mountain. Every day record companies are folding. It'd be nice to have new Yellowhouse songs, but what's the business model? Do you just put songs on the Internet for free? Then what? I don't like the idea to be perfectly honest with you. Musicians need to be paid for their art...they may not be in it "just for the money", and they need to be paid for what is their intellectual property as well, that's for sure. Afterall the idea is to be able to make a living doing what they love,.it certainly ain't a free gift.

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Sta. Claus and the special offer.

And... last not least... the same procedure as every year:
Yellowhouse wishes all fans, friends and business partners a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year 2007 and all the luck in the world. May there be peace on earth and no wars!

MMNRecords has new promoflyers for the Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday"
Congrats to Elisabeth, the lucky winner of the free copy of the Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday"!

The correct answers were:

Yellowhouse : Illusions Of Everyday PROMO FLYER 2

Congratulations to the winner of the Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday"
Congrats to Elisabeth, the lucky winner of the free copy of the Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday"!

The correct answers were:

1) Which Yellowhouse song from "Illusions Of Everyday" has never been performed live in concert yet?

2) Name one of the Yellowhouse songs, that has been performed live, but never recorded in the studio and therefore never made it on one of the albums yet?

Elisabeth: the lucky winner of the Yellowhouse CD!

Want a Yellowhouse CD, but lack of cash? Well read on...
 You can get a free copy of Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday"! How? All you have to do is answer two questions. OK? Lets go. If you´re lucky enough, you can win a CD by answering the following two questions correctly:

1) Which Yellowhouse song from "Illusions Of Everyday" has never been performed live in concert yet?

2) Name one of the Yellowhouse songs, that has been performed live, but never recorded in the studio and therefore never made it on one of the albums yet? Note: there are at least three.

The correct answers can be found on the official Yellowhouse website, a fair task for the net detectives ;-)
Good luck!
Deadline is August 1st 2007. The (correct) answers should be sent to: info (at) yellowhouse.de

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This offer is valid until Dec. 25th 2006.
Sta. Claus and the special offer.

And... last not least... the same procedure as every year:
Yellowhouse wishes all fans, friends and business partners a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year 2007 and all the luck in the world. May there be peace on earth and no wars!

YELLOWHOUSE launches MySpace Web Pages!
Yellowhouse finally launches MySpace Profile for friends all around the world. It has of course a few songs from the Yellowhouse and other news, blogs and more.
Yellowhouse @ myspace

Some Yellowhouse PROMO CDs have been detected on a auction port with four coloured letters. We recommend to buy only from official sources:

1) CD Baby
CD Baby

or -if you have a postal address in Germany- directly at

2) MMNRecords.

Both sources are officially recommended by Yellowhouse and make sure that artist, songswriter and producer get payed.

Please note that due to an administration change at Tower Records, CD Baby's deal with Tower has been indefinitely put on hiatus. That means that there will be no more sales of any album by Yellowhouse CD, i.e. Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" and "What´s Shining Through" through tower.com in the future.

We´d like to thank all radio stations in America, Germany and Australia, who played songs from the Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday" and all the visitors of this website from all around the world: Germany, United States, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Poland, Ireland, Netherlands, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Australia, Finland, Norway, Peru, Argentina, Denmark, Taiwan, Venezuela, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Mexico, India, Philippines, Hungary, Chile, Egypt, Armenia, Portugal, Latvia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Netherlands Antilles, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, Vietnam, Senegal, Singapore, Slovenia and Guatemala.
For the more regular visitors, that would like be be noticed, when this website is being updated, please send an e-mail with "Update-Service" in the header to the webmaster. As soon the official Yellowhouse website will be updated, you´ll be notified and get informed first about "What Goes On".

Special offer from tradebit and Yellowhouse t-shirts!
The mp3 file shop hosting platform Tradebit has all songs from the Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday" on offer for download under the condition that the consumer pays for it! We think that this is a good tool for consumers and artists, that considers both parties. As internet piracy has become a mayor problem these days, where artists, producers and songwriters are being ripped off for their hard earned cash, Yellowhouse has decided to sign up with tradebit to make sure that the royalties go to the respective parties. All you have to do is go to the tradebit site and type *Yellowhouse* in the search space.
Yellowhouse @ tradebit.

A small quantity of Yellowhouse t-shirts with the CD Cover of "Illusions Of Everyday" on the front will be on offer for sale. They are sized L and are available in black and white. You can buy them through the Yellowhouse shop: order here ... or, if you´re lucky enough, win one of two by answering the following two questions correctly:
1) Which Yellowhouse song from "Illusions Of Everyday" has never been performed live in concert yet?
2)Name one of the Yellowhouse songs, that has been performed live, but never recorded in the studio and therefore never made it on one of the albums yet? Note: there are three of them.
Send your answers here .
Yellowhouse t-shirts: black and white size L.

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Sta. Claus and the special offer.

The famous american store TOWER RECORDS also has both Yellowhouse CDs "Illusions Of Everyday" and "What´s Shining Through" on offer for sale... for a little more money...

It also has been shining through, that Hartmut Kreckel is currently working on a new album.

And... last not least... the same procedure as every year:
Yellowhouse wishes all fans, friends and business partners a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year 2006 and all the luck in the world. May there be peace on earth and no wars!

Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" @ CD BABY DOT COM !
The internet label CD Baby CD BABY - the best independent music is selling the Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday" worldwide. This is a good chance for listeners and fans outside of Europe to buy the album, as MMNRecords charges more postage fee than the stateside based CD Baby, due to the highly expensive (read: leviathan alike) german postal service fees.
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YELLOWHOUSE: Illusions Of Everyday
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Yellowhouse "What´s Shining Through" @ CD BABY DOT COM !
The internet label CD Baby CD BABY - the best independent music is selling the Yellowhouse CD "What´s Shining Through" worldwide. This is a good chance for listeners and fans outside of Europe to buy the album, as MMNRecords charges more postage fee than the stateside based CD Baby, due to the highly expensive (read: leviathan alike) german postal service fees.
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Sta. Claus and the special offer.

Yellowhouse wishes all fans, friends and business partners a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and all the luck in the world. May there be peace on earth and no wars for money!

Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" press reviews (Part 2)
The new Yellowhouse CD has been reviewed by different magazines from the U.K. and Italy and the content is very favourable. See Press section for details.

Hartmut Kreckel married!
Congratulations to Hartmut Kreckel and his long term fiancee Manuela for getting married at the Sweet Memory Chapel in Las Vegas on April 2 this year. One of the songs played at the wedding was "For Ever" from the new Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday". They spent their honeymoon in California before coming home.

Hartmut & Manuela just after getting married in Las Vegas.

Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" press reviews
The new Yellowhouse CD has been reviewed by different magazines from the U.S. and Canada and the content is very favourable. See Press section for details. Congrats to the writers, who discovered that Yellowhouse plays *hard rock*. It was something, that had been kept hidden all these years, because *hard rock* has become a forbidden area by the music industry. But there is no justification to hide, as there seems a exclusive demand for puppets by the mayor industry anyway. So... stay true to your souls, now it has become official:

The interview!
The new interview with Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse) conducted by Alicia de Groth about the new CD "Illusions Of Everyday" and other short stories gives some very interesting insight behind the scenes of Yellowhouse. To read, move on to the Press section!

Hartmut Kreckel talks about the new YELLOWHOUSE CD - Illusions Of Everyday and more...

Santa Claus is coming to town...
Santa Claus is coming to town and may also pay you a visit and bring the new Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday". So take a look out of your window, if you are not lucky enough to receive a copy of the CD, you can order one here .

Santa Claus brings the new YELLOWHOUSE CD - Illusions Of Everyday

To all our fans and friends all over the world:
Have a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year 2004!

At last: Yellowhouse "Illusions of Everyday" to be released Dec. 4th, 2003.
After several delays, mainly due to negotiation and layout artwork, MMNRecords -in cooperation with Noisegate Productions and Rockwerk Records- will release the CD Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" on Dec. 4th, 2003. The CD will be distributed all over Germany through V2001.

YELLOWHOUSE - Illusions Of Everyday Promoflyer

Yellowhouse on ROCK YOUR LIFE Vol. 1 CD Sampler
Noisegate Productions were a bit ahead of their time with the release of their "Rock Your Life Vol. 1" CD sampler, originally scheduled for the end of this month. The Yellowhouse Song "Ahead Of Our Time", from the upcoming CD release YELLOWHOUSE "Illusions Of Everyday", is included in its remastered version. With 19 songs from 19 other bands the CD has a total playing time of 76 min.

Competition and sale: ROCK YOUR LIFE Vol. 1 CD Sampler
Die CD can be ordered for €7 (plus p & p) here . However, two copies will enter the competition. All you have to do is answer one question:
When was the Yellowhouse Song "Ahead Of Our Time" written? Hint: the answer can be found on this very page!

Rock Your Live Vol. 1 Front

Interview planned!
An interview with Hartmut Kreckel about Yellowhouse is scheduled during the next weeks. You can participate and send in (almost) any questions about what you´d like to know about Yellowhouse. Send your questions to Alicia de Groth . All questions will enter the stockpicking. Good luck!!!

The upcoming CD "Illusions Of Everyday" and more about Yellowhouse...
The artwork of the upcoming Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday" is in the final stages. Now it is as good as the CD itself and worth the wait.

A new band named "Yellow House" in the area of Livorno (Italy) was stopped using that registered and trademarked name and changed their name to "Queen In Yellow".

New prospective members for Yellowhouse are being auditioned as we write.

Santa Claus visited Yellowhouse!
Santa Claus payed a visit to Yellowhouse and brought the new Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday". For those of you, who haven´t completed their wish-list yet, the CD will be released in February 2003.
Yellowhouse would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2003. May all your dreams come true...

Hartmut & Santa Claus, December 2002

Interview with Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse) on www.recordcaster.de
Hartmut gave an interview for Internet Radio Recordcaster (www.recordcaster.de) last Thursday, 28.11.2002, 19.00.
The interview is in german and will be broadcasted in the second hour of the progam "Check Up". For those of you out there, who don´t speak german, get your Cassell´s German Dictionary at hand! The uncut interview comprises selected songs from most periods of Yellowhouse and reportedly reveals very interesting insight stories. And there´s a competition too... The program in question will be broadcasted daily (and nightly) from 30.11.2002 - 06.12.2002 @ www.recordcaster.de !

Delay in release of new CD "Illusions Of Everyday" and more...!
The release of the new Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday" has been delayed, due to the fact that the whole CD will be remastered. In addidtion to that, the cover artwork has been remodeled, displaying a front cover painting by Manuela Anthoniette, that will be unique... so watch out, it will be worth the wait!
In the meantime two more audio samples of the forthcoming CD have been added to the Audiosite.

It also has to be announced that drummer Florian Dufour-Feronce and bassist Stefan Weihe left Yellowhouse to play dance music and look after their financial situation. Contrary to some rumours Yellowhouse will be rebuilt with new members. More info a.s.a.p.
Hartmut Kreckel : "Yellowhouse will carry on, there'll be no doubt... sometimes I feel reminded of the film *Still Crazy* and its introquote: *History teaches us men behave wisely after they've exhausted all other alternatives. For most Rock groups the persuit of wisdom is a low priority, compared to fame, fortune and fornication...... Such a band was...*"

Hartmut on holiday in Bavaria, August 2002

Aid for victims of the flood!
Yellowhouse helps the victims of the german flood. YOU can help too: by purchasing a copy of the Yellowhouse "What's Shining Through" CD for 10 €, you´ll automatically contribute 3 € to the victims in need of help. The contribution will be passed on personally with no agencies in between. Contributors will be listed here on request. webmaster@yellowhouse.de .

"STARS IN SIGHT 5" CD released!
The song "Ahead Of Our Time" from the upcoming Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday" was finally released on the "stars in sight 5" CD from TalentCity (www.talentcity.de), together with 15 other artists.
This is the final cover of stars in sight 5. The previously shown cover was the dummy cover, though it looks arguably better than the final one, doesn't it?

stars in sight 5: Frontcover

stars in sight 5: Backcover

Singer Jensen P. fired!
As it was reported, singer Jensen P. was fired from Yellowhouse!
Hartmut Kreckel: "... to be perfectly honest, I´m quite happy, that Jensen is not in the band anymore... it was rather a case of leaving too late, so to speak. Jensen should learn how to treat people, go somewhere else and find out, what his problems are! I wish him all the luck in the world. He was so far the best singer in Yellowhouse."

Jensen P., pictured here at his next to last show

Yellowhouse had auditioned singers in the last weeks. The new singer should certainly have a professional attitude, live- and recording experience and last not least: no personal demons to embarrass the other band members. If someone out there feels to be tried out, please contact: info@yellowhouse.de .

Yellowhouse: "Ahead Of Our Time" on " STARS IN SIGHT 5" CD!
The song "Ahead Of Our Time" from the upcoming Yellowhouse CD "Illusions Of Everyday" will be included on the "stars in sight 5" CD, which will be released nationwide on August 13.

stars in sight 5 -CD with Yellowhouse song *Ahead Of Our Time*

Yellowhouse... rocks again in 2002... tour cancelled
Due to a tendon desease (tenosynovitis) of gitarrist Hartmut Kreckel, Yellowhouse have to cancel rest of the tour:
25.04.02 Wustrow, Cafe Klecks, Lange Str. 16
26.04.02 Höxter, Club Tanne, Bergstr. 5
27.04.02 Arendsee, birlokal zum alten gustaf (sic)
10.05.02 Wolfenbüttel, Cafe Limes, Am Exer 7
11.05.02 Hamburg, marquee, Friedrichstr. 39/Ecke Silbersack (St. Pauli)
14.06.02 Braunschweig, JZ B58, Blütenweg 38
15.06.02 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Kellerclub, Silberstraße 1
after the debut show in Berlin on April 19th, 2002. The band is very sad about this. Gigs will be resceduled in fall.

Yellowhouse... the book
A book about the story of Yellowhouse is being written by author Manuela Anthoniette:


- a story based on ironic sarcasm, which shows up the deep inside of some persons?
- about motives of some musicians wanting to confide seriously between the lines?
- in a charming, brutal, crazy and gentle way?
- about friendship and betrayal - depressive and sentimental?
- the refuge into a world which leaves hard traces?
- a childhood dream, ending up in a nightmare?
- or the naked truth, explosive like a razor-sharp knife?

let's be surprised and let's get taken by the hand in the story of "the yellow house" - a wildwater-trip in a world, that seems to appear more and more crazy...

Yellowhouse... rocks again in 2002
Yellowhouse will debut in 2002 at Emergenza-Festival on March 4th in Berlin, Knaack with old, new and brandnew songs. Tickets for this event can be ordered here (030) 29048931. This showcase gig will also mark the debut of the brandnew song "Avaryne", written by Hartmut Kreckel about the goddess of sensuality.

Yellowhouse in a different light...
A hand drawing of Yellowhouse performing live on stage, done by the (probably) youngest Yellowhouse-Fan in the world - the 6 year old Janina - was kindly donated to the Yellowhouse camp.

Yellowhouse live, by: Janina

Yellowhouse @ Soundwerk Orange Studio (Part 10: conclusion):
Production duties for the new Yellowhouse CD have now been finished and according to insneaking pre-listeners the whole album is a absolute killer... with so many highlights, that it would take too long to mention them all. "Ain´t No Cure" was overdubbed with the children´s voices, and "Nobody Needs You" was remixed. The buying public will eventually have something worth the hard earned cash... The album will have a total lenght of over 70 minutes with 13 songs and will be most probably titled "Illusions Of Everyday".

New promo picture of Yellowhouse!
And here it comes... a brandnew pic of the band at Berlin´s Soundwerk Orange Studios, Nov. 8th..2001.

Yellowhouse (Mark 8): Hartmut Kreckel, Stefan Weihe, Jensen P. & Florian Dufour-Feronce; Foto: Gesa & Andi

Yellowhouse photo shooting.
Yesterday Yellowhouse (Mark 8) did a photo-shooting in view of the upcoming CD,  press info and last not least the internet. More news on these spectacularly unflattering shots a.s.a.p. ... here.

Yellowhouse : studio report (Part 9):
"Sacred Feelings" and "For Ever" have also been mixed down and sound... superb! "For Ever" sounds better than with any previous line-up...

Yellowhouse : studio report (Part 8):
"Babylon" and "Nobody Needs You" have also been mixed down and sound... superb!

Info on Stefan Weihe!
Stefan Weihe gives an insight into his pre-Yellowhouse activities:"...I learned to play bass tutored by Micki Barner, known for his input in the german TV program "Scheibenwischer". Then I played with the Heavy Metal Band "Trick or Treat"... during my time doing civil service, I´d learned to play drums and joined the band "Lenz", that comprised some former musicians, that used to be in german legend Rio Reiser´s band. My brother Florian Dufour-Feronce tought me how to play drums. When he´d quit "Freebird", I replaced him. Saw him perform with Yellowhouse a couple of times since then, so I was quite familiar with the bands set. At the end of the day, I realized that the bass is my first choice...".

Stefan Weihe, debuting with Yellowhouse @ whirlpool Festival 12.10.2001

Yellowhouse : studio report (Part 7):
"Intro/Red Light Diamond/Epilogue", "What Goes On" and "Between The Wheels" have also been mixed down and sound... superb!

Yellowhouse : studio report (Part 6):
"The Silent Screaming", "Signs" and "Ahead Of Our Time" have also been mixed down and sound great. According to someone in the Yellowhouse camp, the band sounds fresh like a newborn child, having shaken off people of their back, who were nothing but a drag. So, let´s keep our fingers crossed.

Stefan Weihe : new bass-player with Yellowhouse
Stefan Weihe rehearsing with Yellowhouse and will be debuting with the band @ whirlpool-Festival this friday. More info a.s.a.p.

Yellowhouse: studio report (Part 5):
The recordings have been finished and went extremely well. "Ain´t No Cure (for a messed up youth)" und "Land Of Lightning" have been mixed down and according to people, who have been lucky to hear the product yet, they sound terrific!

Matze Pfund quits Yellowhouse!
Matze Pfund quits Yellowhouse "for personal reasons", as the official statement goes. Or... "for reasons best known to himself", as somebody from the Yellowhouse camp had hinted earlier this week. Nick Behr will be deputing for the next gigs. In the meantime the band is looking for a permanent replacement.

Yellowhouse, with Matze Pfund (r.) pictured in a Hotel after the show in Hamburg 08.09.2001

Yellowhouse : studio report (Part 4):

Guitar in ending-section of "Leaving Too Late" and clean guitar for "Signs", vocals in middle and ending section of "Signs".
Bongos in intro and outro of "The Silent Screaming" and "Red Light Diamond (Epiloque)", cymbals in intro of "Land Of Lightning". Starting to mix the basic tracks.

Competition: win Florian Dufour-Feronce´s drum stick!
You can win Florian Dufour-Feronce´s drumstick, that broke during the recording of the upcoming Yellowhouse CD! All you have to do is answer the following question: During which song did the drumstick break? Answers to webmaster@yellowhouse.de  Per participant 3 answers, i.e. 3 songs out of 12 songs make 25% probability to find the correct answer. The winner will be drawn from the correct answers. Answers accepted until Oct. 31st 2001.

Hartmut Kreckel with new sunglasses!
It´s official: Hartmut Kreckel has new sunglasses! As information flows, the sunglases were acquired while the band was on tour.

Hartmut Kreckel with new sunglasses

The winner of the Yellowhouse-Poster...!
The winner of the autographed Yellowhouse-Poster is Heidi K. from Heilbronn. Congrats! Thanks to all the people, who participated in the competition.

Heidi K.: Winner of the autographed Yellowhouse-Poster

Yellowhouse : studio report (Part 3):

Guitar Solos for "Babylon" (two versions), "Ain´t No Cure" and "Leaving Too Late".
Backing-Vocals for "Land Of Lightning", "Ahead Of Our Time" & "Signs".
Lead Vocals in middle and ending section of "Signs". Backing and Harmony Vocals for "Sacred Feelings". Alternative Vocals for "Red Light Diamond (Epilogue)".

L to R: Sven Joachim, Florian Dufour-Feronce & Jensen P. in the studio

Yellowhouse : studio report (Part 2):

Vocals for "Signs", "Babylon", "Ain´t No Cure", Guitars for "For Ever". Acoustic Guitars for "Red Light Diamond (Epilogue)"
Vocals for "Land Of Lightning", "Ahead Of Our Time", "For Ever", "Intro" & "Leaving Too Late"; Bass and Fretless Bass for "Ain´t No Cure", Bass for "Land Of Lightning" & "Leaving Too Late".
Backing Vocals for "Ahead Of Our Time" by Jensen, Florian & Hartmut. Solo & Intro for "Land Of Lightning".
That Guitar Solo for "For Ever" in 2 takes (!)... Intro/Outro & Chorus Lead Guitar and Harmony Guitar in Solo for "For Ever", Rhythm-Guitars for "Leaving Too Late", Solo for "What Goes On".
Vocals for "Leaving Too Late", Harmony & Backing Vocals of "Land Of Lightning" & "Signs".
Vocals for "Intro" by Jensen & Sven (deep voice).
Vocals for "Red Light Diamond (Epilogue)", Harmony & Backing Vocals for "The Silent Screaming" & "Between The Wheels".

Hartmut Kreckel in the studio

Yellowhouse: studio report

Set up & line/sound checks. Drum and bass tracks for "Ahead of Our Time", "Intro", "Red Light Diamond" & "What Goes On" with guide guitar & guide vocals. "Ahead Of Our Time" was recorded to the day four years, after it was written.

Rhythm guitar for "Ahead Of Our Time", "Intro", "What Goes On" & "Red Light Diamond", guitar solo of  "Red Light Diamond".  Drum and bass tracks for "Babylon", "Signs" & "Sacred Feelings" with guide guitar & guide vocals.

Guitar solo for "Ahead Of Our Time" & "Sacred Feelings", Dist. Rhythm guitars for "Babylon", "Sacred Feelings" & "Signs", Rhyhm guitar for "The Silent Screaming (middle section)", All guitars for "Between The Wheels", Drums and bass tracks for "For Ever", "Ain´t No Cure" with guide guitar & guide vocals.

Drum and bass tracks for "Land Of Lightning", "Leaving Too Late" & "Nobody Needs You" with guide guitar & guide vocals.

The recording equipment used was:

Guitar-Amps: Orange Overdrive 100W, ENGL Rockhead 860, Marshall Anniv. Series 4x12, Solton Dopplertone 150 with Leslie 150 Cabinet
Bass Amps: Laney BH150, Warwick 6x10 & 1x15
Drums: 22" Baß Drum Trojan, 14" Sonor Snare "Force 2000", 12" Hi-Tom Trojan, 16" Floor Tom Trojan, Footpedal DW 5ooo... and of course hands and feet
Cymbals: 14" Hi Hat Istanbul, 8"  Splash Istanbul, 15" Crash Istanbul, 12" Splash Istanbul, 16" Thin Crash Istanbul, 20" Ride Istanbul, 20" "Ottoman" Ride Istanbul,12" China Istanbul
Guitars (pick-ups): Charvel (Jackson)... yes, the red one!, Pacifica Strat (EMG), Washburn A-10 (EMG), Hamer Sustainiac (EMG-with turbosustain), Ibanez Acoustic
Bass: Ibanez
Microphones: BPM 71 CRII (Vocals), Shure SM 57 (Guitars)

Florian Dufour-Feronce´s Drum kit

Yellowhouse getting ready for next CD!
Yellowhouse are getting ready to record their next CD: the recordings will start August 1st at Soundwerk Orange Studio, Berlin with soundmaster Sven Joachim, who worked previously with Yellowhouse. The CD will contain very new songs ("What Goes On?", "Leaving Too Late" and "Nobody Needs You"), new songs ("Signs", "Sacred Feelings" and "The Silent Screaming"), old songs ("Between The Wheels", "Red Light Diamond", "Ahead Of Our Time" and "Babylon") and very old songs ("For Ever" and "Ain´t No Cure").

Yellowhouse in Studio.
Yellowhouse recorded two songs at Studio Treuenbrietzen, as pre-production for the new studio CD. The band recorded "For Ever" and "The Silent Screaming" in a live situation.

A brandnew Yellowhouse song.
Hartmut Kreckel and Jensen P. wrote a brandnew song on June 30th, while the bands residence at Burg Rabenstein. The song is titled "My Own Universe".

Win an autographed Yellowhouse concert poster!
It´s your chance to win a Yellowhouse concert poster! All you have to do is answer one simple question:

"Which instrument does Matze Pfund play?" Send a mail with the correct answer to webmaster@yellowhouse.de

This is the huge 11 X 17 inch autographed photo on glossy poster stock. The autographs don't show on the photo, because it is not signed yet. It will be signed by the band and made out to you personally.

Yellowhouse unplugged!
Yellowhouse are going to perform their first unplugged gig in the bands history as a showcase for German Rock at Berlin´s Rickenbakers Music Inn on Saturday 03.03.01, 19.00. The show will be broadcasted on Friday, 09.03.01, 18.00 by INET-TV (www.INET-TV.net).

Nick Behr leaves Yellowhouse.
Nick Behr leaves Yellowhouse for personal reasons. Good luck to Nick! New bass player is Mathias "Matze" Pfund, formerly with *Bordstein*.

 Matze Pfund in his "Bordstein" days.

Yellowhouse hit at Emergenza-Festival!
Yellowhouse did hit at the Emergenza-Festival yesterday at Berlin´s Knaack Club. The band put on a great show and qualified for round two of Emergenza (www.emergenzarock.com) to be held in May at Berlin´s Columbia Fritz in May this year.

Yellowhouse prior to the Emergenza Festival gig ( left to right): Florian Dufour-Feronce, Nick Behr, Hartmut Kreckel & Jensen P.

New Songs from Yellowhouse!
Jensen P. and Hartmut Kreckel had been working on some new songs: "What´s Going On", "Signs", "Better Hero" and "Living In A..."

Yellowhouse "What´s Shining Through" CD on Internet Radio.
The following songs from the new Yellowhouse CD "What´s Shining Through" get played daily on the Internet Radio Station *Recordcaster* (www.recordcaster.de): "Silver Shadow", "Damnation", "Another Day", "What´s Shining Through", "Keep On Going My Way" and "Hollywood Cell".

Shock to all Yellowhouse fans: Toralf Kaiser quits!!!

It´s finally official: Toralf Kaiser, bass-player extraordinaire, left Yellowhouse. Toralf, who had joined in May 1997, had actually announced in July this year that he would prefer to pursue his activities as a producer and sound engineer and not be performing live as frequently as Yellowhouse does. However he performed with the band until the new bass player Nick Behr was found, who already debuted in a warm up gig three days ago.

Nick Behr at his second gig with Yellowhouse, Steglitzer Rocktage 24.11.2001

Yellowhouse CD "What´s Shining Through" release date!
The new Yellowhouse CD "What´s Shining Through" will be released by MMN-Records (MMN 002) November 1st. Preorders can be directed now to:

News on the upcoming Yellowhouse CD!

The new Yellowhouse CD will be titled "What´s Shining Through". In addition to this the CD will be a video (the first Yellowhouse video ever) of the title track.
The band did a photosession for the CD-Cover on Saturday 02.09.00, directed by Veronica Martin with Photographer Peter Prätorius.
Hartmut Kreckel: "The Photos are quite obscene I believe - well, at least to a certain degree - but I cleared them with my club of morals in advance..."

Yellowhouse pictured with Veronica Martin..

The new Yellowhouse Drummer : Florian Dufour-Feronce

The new drummer in Yellowhouse is the 28-year old Florian Dufour-Feronce, who had previously played in *The Out* (1993-97) and *Freebird* (1998-99).
Florian started playing drums at the age of 12 and has a musical family background.

Florian Dufour-Feronce in his *The Out* days.

Toralf Kaiser married!
Toralf Kaiser married his long term girlfriend Kathleen on July 8th this year. While on the honeymoon in the Nile-Delta, he managed to lose the keys to the rehearsal-room of Yellowhouse.

The new Yellowhouse CD!
The new Yellowhouse CD has not been finished yet, as it has been delayed due to problems getting all the artwork together. Hartmut Kreckel: "All the audio masters are done, and now, we just need to finish the artwork and get the booklets printed. The artwork will be handled by Veronica Martin. A September shipping date should be possible. Hang in there with us - IT WILL BE GOOD!"
The track running order will be the following one:
1. Return To The Sky (Kreckel) (3.32)
2. Evolution (Kreckel) (3.04)
3. Now You´re Gone (Kreckel) (3.28)
4. Another Day (Kaiser / Pukownick) (4.16)
5. Kill Your Dreams (Kaiser / Kreckel) (4.03)
6. Damnation (Kreckel) (3.39)
7. Keep On Going My Way (Kreckel / Oliver) (2.35)
8. Silver Shadow (Kreckel) (2.51)
9. Mrs. Gentle (Kreckel) (4.36)
10. What´s Shining Through (Kreckel / Steinbart) (3.58)
11. Hollywood Cell (Kreckel / Pukownick) (2.51)

Detlev Bruckhoff leaves Yellowhouse.
Drummer Detlev Bruckhoff leaves Yellowhouse. The new drummer will be a announced shortly.

New Yellowhouse Songs!
Jensen P. und Hartmut Kreckel wrote two new Songs, titled "The Silent Screaming" und "Sacred Feelings". Both songs are in the Yellowhouse-tradition: melodic, straight and positive forward lyrics.

Yellowhouse are about to finish mastering of the upcoming CD.

Yellowhouse are about to finish mastering of the upcoming CD, it is handled by Sven Joachim @ Soundwerk Orange Studios in Berlin, and the results are said to be very good so far. Eleven songs have been recorded and have been mastered on April 20th & 27th. They will all be on the new Yellowhouse CD, which will a total time of ~ 40min. The final track order and the title of the CD are yet to be announced, but it can be hinted, that the opening track will be "Return To The Sky" and that the last song will be the unplugged "Hollywood Cell". More infos a.s.a.p. ...

Yellowhouse recorded again @ Masterix-Tonstudio.

Yellowhouse recorded again @ Masterix-Tonstudio in Berlin-Marzahn from 13.-17.03.2000. Again, engineered by Reiner Lehmann, Yellowhouse (Mark 4) recorded at the very same place where Yellowhouse (Mark 1) did the recording of "Living In The Light". In total seven songs were laid down: Kill Your Dreams (Kaiser / Kreckel) - Keep On Going My Way (Kreckel / Oliver) - Silver Shadow (Kreckel) - Now You´re Gone (Kreckel) - What´s Shining Through (Kreckel / Steinbart) - Hollywood Cell (Kreckel / Pukownick) - Another Day (Kaiser / Pukownick). Jensen P.: "The recording went great and the rough mix sounds very promising. The songs take on a new dimension in the studio". Hartmut Kreckel: "It was great to be at the studio again, where it all started, therefore it was partly a trip down the memory lane, but I´m not into reliving the past... I learn from the past, I don´t live in the past! I only wish that all these recordings would have happened two years ago and in a way I was frightened at first, that the songs wouldn´t sound fresh anymore, as most of the sources of inspiration to these songs are long gone as far as I am concerned, i.e. by chance I came across some old photos of the inspiration of "Now You´re Gone", and I thought *who is this???*... the same goes for "Silver Shadow". But the songs sound very fresh, much more than expected. We also recorded the unplugged "Hollywood Cell" that we have only done live on a few ocasions so far and a brand new song, that we haven´t performed live so far: "Another Day". This one was written by Toralf and reflects the new spirit of Yellowhouse. It´s a catchy mid-tempo song and Jensen wrote the lyrics to this one... I threw a line in that goes *be good... think it over*, but that source of inspiriation has gone as well in the meantime, ha ha... The whole performance is very tight, which is also down to drummer Detlev Bruckhoff, so it was worth the wait, I should say..."
The final mixing will start on 28.03.2000.

Yellowhouse mixed @ Soundwerk Orange-Studio
Yellowhouse mixed @ Soundwerk Orange-Studios in Berlin-Friedrichshain 18.03.2000. Again, engineered by Andi Stradner, Yellowhouse mixed four songs, that were laid down in February: Mrs. Gentle (Kreckel) - Return To The Sky (Kreckel) - Damnation (Kreckel) - Evolution  (Kreckel). The final mixing will start on 20.03.2000.

Gig in Karow 18.03.2000 cancelled!

The Yellowhouse Gig in Karow, Jugenzentrum K14 18.03.2000 (Jensen P.´s birthday) has been cancelled, due to the fact that the recording machine at that venue crapped. The gig, as well as the live recording, will be resceduled soon .

Yellowhouse finally to record their CD.
YELLOWHOUSE finally started to record their CD. This was done at Soundwerk Orange-van Straden Studios in Berlin (Friedrichshain), while production duties are handled by Andi Stradner. The recording went very well, the drums were recorded on Saturday 26.3.00 from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. and the bass, as well as some guitar parts, were put down in the afternoon of that day. On Sunday, the guitar parts were completed and all vocals too. Mixing started on the 29th. Four Songs have been recorded: Return To The Sky - Evolution - Damnation & Mrs. Gentle. Toralf Kaiser: "The first results of the rough mixes look very promising, powerful and modern sounding..." Jensen P.: "...it was a fast and easy recording to do, it was great fun and I´m looking forward to the end results". Four years after "Living In The Light" and three line-up changes later it certainly was time for Yellowhouse to start working on a new CD. Hartmut Kreckel: "...certainly it was time to do this... as far as I´m concerned, we could have done this two years ago, but then our former vocalist f***ed it up!!! It´s really frustrating... singers - in their mayority - don´t realize, what they do to a band through their behaviour, and only because of their own greed, selfishness, mental instability and lack of responsability. It´s time to set the record straight here: this all cost Toralf and myself almost two years and I´m really sick and tired of all this and really don´t have a lot of patience to talk about these things, especially when I think about, where we could have been in the meantime, if things would have turned out differently back then: we could have had two CDs out in the meantime... so, to get back to the original point, yes we are somewhat behind our schedule to say at least..."
In addition to this studio recording, there´ll be a live recording on March 18th. So keep your fingers crossed!!!

Yellowhouse Live @ Radio Broadcast
Berlin Radio SFB 4 Multikulti broadcasted on friday, dec. 10th, in their program "FrühStück" (between 6 and 9 am) a report on the youth club "Die Wille", that included two songs ("Silver Shadow" and "Burn, Learn & Turn") recorded from the performance of Yellowhouse there on Dec. 3rd. And BTW: the band is looking for a copy on tape! Anyone?

Yellowhouse and the press : Ugly rumours!
Two ugly rumours into one actually: 1) "Berlin Live" (as well as a few other magazines) announced Yellowhouse to perform at Weiße Rose on Dec.19th. Hartmut Kreckel: "...I don´t know, where this rumour comes from, certainly there never was any contract, not even a talk..." The second (and much) uglier rumour was the content of that very article in BM Live, not only that it had a Yellowhouse Mark 3 photo, taken in May near Columbiahalle, to announce a Yellowhouse Mark 4 gig: that article also reported Hartmut Kreckel to have said that Alexa Weber was "the optimal voice in Yellowhouse". Hartmut Kreckel: "Nothing could be further away from the truth than this!!!!! Those who know us, know the score I´m sure. To make it clear: I NEVER told such a lie in my whole life!!! This report seems more a paparazzi act to me than anything else!!! I remember that interview, being done prior to the photosession and I kept it fairly diplomatically, stating that *...we have two new faces in Yellowhouse, from Milwaukee Mr. Mike Koch and from Cologne Alexa Weber...* I never said something like comparing Alexa Weber to Jürgen Weißig or Dominic O. S., because I could not. It´s as simple as that: Alexa Weber was the biggest mistake in Yellowhouse, and it became obvious at the 3rd gig (at Non Tox), she was certainly rather two that one step down from Jürgen Weißig or Dominic O. S.!!! I have to take full responsability for this and as soon as possible I fired her and the drummer, for I could not take their unprofessional attitude any longer. That´s the truth and today I wish that this Mark 3 period would never have happened. Anyone can quote me on that!!! Maybe I should write a song about ugly rumours..."

Yellowhouse demo!
Yellowhouse recorded a demo of the song "Red Light Diamond" at Berlin´s SAE 8-Track Studios on 01.11.99 18-22h and will record the song "Silver Shadow" at SAE 24-track studios on 20.11.99 16-22h. Yellowhouse have newly designed A2 format concert advertising posters, designed by Toralf Kaiser. Yellowhouse have been rehearsing a lot in the past 8 weeks and it´s getting tighter.

Yellowhouse Mark 4!
Yellowhouse to rock again: the birth of Yellowhouse (Mark 4) was quite fast, wasn´t it? The new singer is the 31 year old Berlin native Jensen Pukownick, formerly in a band called "Pandora´s Box" and the new drummer the also 31 year old Detlev Bruckhoff from Bochum. Jensen Pukownick: "I didn´t know Yellowhouse at first, so I just went down and checked it out. But when I heared their songs, I instantanealy wanted to join them. I really enjoy doing the old stuff and I feel very comfortable with that. I like the roots and attitude of this band and will take them into the fourth chapter so to speak to move along to bigger things. And the new stuff we started to work on will bring this band to evolve into a more permanent unit. The past is the past and I´m really looking forward to bring this band into the future. It just feels great to be here in the house and as much as I and a lot of people liked their previous singers Dominic O. S. and Jürgen Weißig, I will add my own signature to the old songs and I hope that people will give me the chance to take over and prove myself and take Yellowhouse into the Y2K and will like it as much as they did like the band with Jürgen or Dominic. I know that these are big shoes to fill and I know that I can do it and hope that people will stand behind me as I will not let them down." The band spend the last weeks rehearsing the set and gigs will be announced shortly. Hartmut Kreckel: "...this is what most of you out there were probably waiting for, the Yellowhouse # 4 is that what Yellowhouse # 2 should have become, but didn´t..."

Yellowhouse "Living In The Light" re-released!
Due to major demand, the bands first studio demo "Living In The Light" has been reissued in a Ltd. Edition of 100 copies. For those of you, who haven´t, this is now your very last chance to secure a copy of that very first studio venture of Yellowhouse (Mark 1) from 4.-8.12.1995.

  Yellowhouse : Living In The Light

The legendary "Living In The Light" Demo, that started it all.

Yellowhouse Interview!
Hartmut Kreckel and Toralf Kaiser did a interview for "Extravagant - das Stadtmagazin für Berlin" (www.extravagant.de) on July 20th @ 20p.m. @ Cafe Sundance in Berlin CrossHill36, to be featured in the September issue.

Yellowhouse Mark 3 finished!
The end of a chapter: Alexa Weber and Mike Koch leave Yellowhouse!
So that´s the way how Yellowhouse (Mark 3) end? Unfortunately yes! Mainly due to private engagements Mike Koch will be going back to Milwaukee, where he is originally from and Alexa Weber will be going back to Cologne. The band had already started to look for replacements since July and it can be expected to come to a conclusion soon, hopefully

Yellowhouse: Mark 1 reunion? No!
Hartmut Kreckel had a meeting with original Yellowhouse vocalist Jürgen Weißig (apparently they really talk to each other again)! Obviously they were talking business, but it´s known that Jürgen Weißig has been doing a studio project with a guitarrist and that he did not perform live since he left Yellowhouse back in 1996. Asked for a message to Yellowhouse fans Jürgen said: "Thanks for remembering me and I wish you all the best..."

Yellowhouse demo.
Yellowhouse have started recording demos of two songs on 8 track : The new song "Babylon", composed by Hartmut Kreckel and Toralf Kaiser with Lyrics from Mike Koch and "Keep On Going My Way", composed by Hartmut Kreckel and Dominic O. S., in the plugged (Yellowhouse Mark 3) version. On behalf of the band: thanks to Kelb from Milwaukee for taking good care of the pre-production duties.

Yellowhouse bootlegged again...
This time a video bootleg was being made by a member of the audience of the Yellowhouse performance at Emergenza. It was filmed with a digital Sony and is quite good. The kind bootlegger offered the band to make a copy, which he delivered within two days. "The white within the black..."

Sensational! YELLOWHOUSE RETURNS to live activity. See gig review page...
Emergenza Band Contest: Yellowhouse played at the international Emergenza Festival at the renowned Berlin club "Knaack" to 320 people. The audience reception was great and your favorite band qualified for the next round to be held at Arena Glashaus in May.
Yellowhouse bootleg!!!
A bootleg of Yellowhouse, named "Down The Road", obviously recorded at the band´s gig in Berlin at Flöz 26 Jan 99 has been detected.

And now... Yellowhouse Mark 3!
It has finally been revealed: Yellowhouse rocks again... The line-up of Yellowhouse (Mark 3) is getting ready: the new singer´s name is 24 year old Alexa Weber from Cologne and the new drummer is Mike Koch from Milwaukee, formerly in Milwaukee based band "Your Indentured Servants". And of course the band is completed by Toralf Kaiser (bass) and Hartmut Kreckel (guitars). Look out for pictures of the new line-up of Yellowhouse in the history section of this site. The band has started rehearsals in late November and will start playing some warm-ups in January 1999. In addition to that, the band will go in to the studio to record the song "Return to the Sky".
Hartmut Kreckel recently commented: "It will sound a little different with a lady singing... we had to shift most of the songs 2 or 3 halftone steps upwards to fit into the range of Alexa´s vocal... it will surprise some of our fans, but after a while I´m sure they will get into it... it´s like any sort of metamorphosis: we´ve been through it and now it´s our audience´s turn to follow... but don´t panic: we are still Yellowhouse of course and no one will be asking for our former members, who were in the previous incarnations of Yellowhouse (Mark 1 and Mark 2). Oh, and by the way, the new drummer will sign autographs and the singer won´t leave the stage between the songs to have a p***..."

Shock to all Yellowhouse fans: Dominic O. S. fired!
The story finally leaked out: "Fabulous Lead Vocals Dominic O. S." was asked to leave the yellow building! The Band finally commented on the situation. Toralf Kaiser: "... he was into doing his own things and no one really  tried to prevent him from doing so... we got rid of him, the tension was just unbearable..." Hartmut Kreckel: "Dominic certainly had tremendous ego-problems and I really felt very uncomfortable standing next to him on any stage. The situation was so bloody tense, for we knew that he was doing some things behind our backs..." The band had been spending their time since the last gig in Junction Bar 26.1.98 auditioning new candidates for the two vacant positions on Lead Vocals and Drums. No official anouncemwent as who´d be the new members has been made yet! The band plans to record their CD as soon as they´re complete. So keep your fingers crossed!!! In the past, Yellowhouse had trouble with finding a suitable drummer too. Toralf Kaiser: "...the problem is that most drummers really can´t play, I´m sorry to say this, but they start a simple 4 minute song like "Evolution" at 150 beats per minute and end it at 100. They obviously never heared about timing..." Commenting on former drummer Lars Thomas and him leaving the band again Hartmut Kreckel said: "Lars really had a lot of influence on a lot of drummers through his intelligent drumming on songs like "For Ever"... but things certainly change..."

Yellowhouse Video "Through A Private Eye" broadcast
The Yellowhouse-video "Through a Private Eye" will be broadcasted at OKB, the city cable channel, on saturday April 25th at 23.00 and repeated on Tuesday April 28th at the same time in its entirety. It was good to finally get it out on a saturday night, as lots of people should be zapping through OKB at that time. Certainly Berlin has many people with a cable TV.

Yellowhouse Video "Through A Private Eye"
Yellowhouse have just released their self-produced live-video, titled "Through a Private Eye", which can be ordered at the e-mail address given in this homepage, especially for those of YOU outside Berlin, who will not be able to see it on OKB. The band had a rough time putting it together; the strict time restriction of one hour meant that most of the songs had to be edited, as all of them had been included, except for "Fair Share Of Nothing". The material was filmed during the bands "Yellowhouse rocks again tour 1997/98" and coupled with some private scenes. It compiles as following:


YELLOWHOUSE: "Through A Private Eye" (Video 1997/98)
Produced by Toralf Kaiser and Hartmut Kreckel, (P) & © Yellowhouse 1998.

Intro: - Ton: Sweet Empty Life (Unplugged): aus Bierkeller Siegmundshof 24.01.98.
- Bild: a) Sequenz aus verschiedenen Auftritten in Berlin:
Halford 19.11.97, Flöz 25.11.97, Wild at Heart (WAH) 27.11.97, JWD 28.11.97, Non Tox 17.12.97, Rock It (in Frankfurt/Oder
= F/O.) 25.12.97, Trash (Beat Club) 09.01.98, Non Tox 16.01.98, Bierkeller Siegmundshof 24.01.98 und Junction Bar 26.01.98(1.00).
b) Yellowhouse-Plakat (0.30).
Taped Intro (Backstreet Boys from Hell): aus JWD 28.11.97 (1.00) bis zur 1. Strophe ("Sweetheart meet your sugardaddy...") von

Red Light Diamond: aus JWD 28.11.97, danach Vorstellung von Toralf und Hartmut am 22.02.98, danach Red Light Diamond aus F/O. 25.12.97 bis Ende von Solo (3.00).
Silver Shadow: Ansage von Halford 19.11.97, dann F/O. 25.12.97 bis Middle, Ansage von Toralf am 22.2.98, dann ab 2. Chorus aus JWD 28.11.97 (4.00).
Burn, Learn &Turn: aus Non Tox 16.01.98 (3.00).
Evolution: aus Bierkeller 24.01.98 bis Gitarren-Solo, Ansage von Hartmut am 22.02.98, dann ab Solo aus Non Tox 16.01.98 (3.00).
Mrs. Gentle: aus F/O. 25.12.97 nach Ansage bis an 2. Chorus heran, Ansage von Hartmut am 22.02.98, danach Bierkeller 24.01.98 (4.40).
Return To The Sky: Ansage von Dominic aus WAH 27.11.97, dann komplette Version aus Non Tox 16.01.98 (3.40).
Damnation: Ansage von Toralf am 22.02.98, Anfang bis einschließlich 2. Chorus aus Bierkeller 24.01.98, danach ab Mittelteil aus Non Tox 16.01.98 (4.10).
Between The Wheels: Anfang bis nach Solo aus Non Tox 16.01.98,
Ansage von Hartmut und Toralf 07.03.98, danach aus F/O. 25.12.97 (4.20).
Keep On Going My Way (Unplugged): Anfang bis Accoustic-Guitar Solo aus Bierkeller 24.01.98, kurzes Intermezzo (Yellowhouse in
kreuzberger Kneipe 09.11.97), danach bis Ende des ganzen Songs aus JWD 28.11.97 (4.00).
Ahead Of Our Time: aus F/O. 25.12.97 (ab "You´re living in your own world...") (4.00).
For Ever: Szenen aus Templin 09.02.98; Ansage aus JWD 28.11.97, danach ab 2. Strophe ("Some try to steal your soul...") aus F/O. 25.12.97, dazwischen Szene aus Templin 09.02.98: Kathleen und Birgit (4.20).
Ain´t No Cure: aus F/O. 25.12.97, danach Szene: Yellowhouse beim Plakate kleben in Kreuzberg am 09.11.97 (2.20).
Now You´re Gone: aus Non Tox 16.01.98, danach Ansage von Hartmut am 07.03.98 (2.40).
What´s Shining Through: aus Trash 09.01.98 (1.30).
Kill Your Dreams (November): Ansage von Toralf am 07.03.98, danach aus F/O. 25.12.97 (4.10).
Outro: - Ton: Sweet Empty Life (Unplugged):
aus Bierkeller 24.1.98 (1.20).
- Bild: a) Trash 09.01.98, "thanks to: Kathleen,
Sebastian, Locke & Birgit;
to all past, present and future inhabitants of YELLOWHOUSE..."
b) Kontaktnummern: 030/8611*** o. 030/4859***, gefilmt am 09.03.98. (Total Time = 60:00)

All Songs written by Hartmut Kreckel, except "Sweet Empty Life" (Kreckel/Oliver), "Taped Intro" (Oliver), "Burn, Learn & Turn" (Kreckel/Weißig), "Return To The Sky" (Kreckel/Thomas), "Damnation" (Kreckel/Kaiser), "Between The Wheels" (Kreckel/Steinbart), "Keep On Going My Way" (Kreckel/Oliver), "For Ever" (Kreckel/Weißig), "What´s Shining Through" (Kreckel/Steinbart), "Kill Your Dreams" (Kreckel/Kaiser) & ""Sweet Empty Life" (Kreckel/Oliver).
© Yellowhouse 1995-98


Yellowhouse "Living In The Light" !

The bands first demo "Living In the Light" is still available in a very limited quantity. It has four songs (Diana - For Ever - Burn, learn and turn - Ain´t no cure (for a messed up youth)), three of them could be heared as samples in the audio section of this homepage. Recorded at Masterix-Studios in the north of formerly East-Berlin from the 4th til the 8th of december 1995, the line-up was Hartmut Kreckel (Lead Guitar), Jürgen Weißig (Lead Vocals and Guitar), Ulrike Steinbart (Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals) and Lars Thomas (Drums).

Lars Thomas leaves Yellowhouse!
Lars Thomas has definetely left Yellowhouse after the last gig of the tour at Junction Bar 26.01.98. It is rumoured that the rest of the band was unhappy with his attitude of not signing autographs. In the meantime the band is auditioning new applicants.

Yellowhouse and the thieves!
Dominic O. S. had his mike-stand clamp stolen yesterday at the gig in Non Tox, by some jerk in the audience. This happened during the bands spectacular rendition of "Mrs. Gentle". The last time Yellowhouse performed there (17.12.97), Hartmut had his guitar-stand broken...

Yellowhouse goes online!
Yes indeed... Yellowhouse is on the internet!

(c) Yellowhouse