What the Press said so far about YELLOWHOUSE "Illusions Of Everyday":

If your into rock then you will find this cd very satisfying. (Metalcorefanzine.com)

...this cd is one that will get many spins because it is a damn fine recording. (Metal-Rules.com)

All in all, this is a decent rock album by a fairly talented band, who play straight up, classic style rock and roll... (ballbusterhardmusic.com)



(in order of appearance): 

GUITAR: Hartmut Kreckel

VOCALS: Jürgen Weißig, Dominic O. S., Alexa Weber & Jensen P.

BASS: Ulrike Steinbart, Toralf Kaiser, Nick Behr, Matze Pfund & Stefan Weihe

DRUMS: Lars Thomas, Björn Timmermann, Mike Koch, Detlev Bruckhoff & Florian Dufour-Feronce

Photo: MMNRecords

Yellowhouse plays original material only, guitar-oriented melodic rock with lyrics in English, spiced up with good hooklines with seventies roots in a Y2K approach. The band recorded their debut CD "What´s Shining Through" (MMN 002), that contained newer songs like "Return To The Sky", "Now You're Gone", "Mrs Gentle" and "Hollywood Cell", which are straighter and more melodic than their previous output "Living In The Light". The second CD "Illusions Of Everyday" is a mayor step forward and arguably their best so far.

Yellowhouse's live set consists of old and new original songs: "Silver Shadow" is a song about teenage fan-mania, while "Red Light Diamond" is about those women, who only have an interest in men's cash, a rock song about how to snare a millionaire. "Mrs Gentle" is dedicated to the guitarist's late great-aunt; "Burn, Learn & Turn" is about keeping time in any learning process, "Evolution" describes the process of getting established and the tendency to petty bourgeoisie. "Fair Share Of Nothing" is dedicated to all the unscrupulous managers, agents and record companies in the music biz, who try to give the artist that kind of share, while "Damnation" also addresses the dangers in the music biz.
"What´s Shining Through" is about the veil between the artist and his audience. "Ain´t No Cure (for a messed up youth)" speaks about the problems of youth, caused by insitutional red tape, that keep holding you back. Institutional danger is also the topic of "Between The Wheels", while "For Ever" is generally a song of hope, a song for everybody, which might remain a vision to some people. "Diana" is fictional, it certainly has nothing to do with the princess, the same goes for "Return To The Sky", a science-fiction type song about an angel, who, while visiting Earth, gets to see both sides of the social dichotomy: the one of the rich folks and the one of the poor; after experiencing both sides, he decides to say, "Goodbye, Planet Earth." Another sci-fi epos is "Land Of Lightning" which is about the surviving few after a catastrophe in search of a better world.
"Ahead Of Our Time" is about the dangers of being one step ahead. "Babylon", "Now You´re Gone" and "Sweet Empty Life" really don´t need explanations...
"Signs" is about the habilty someoneīs got to have to interpret certain signs in the right way. "Sacred Feelings" is telling you, that your own ambitions are strung up by the powers that be, while the message of "The Silent Screaming" is to follow your very own inner voices.
"Nobody Needs You" is a very positive attitude song, contrary to what its title may suggest at the first glace: self reliance is the way at the end of the day, get rid of people that keep on riding your back once for all, before itīs too late... "Leaving Too Late" could be a extension of this song in a way... and "What Goes On" is about the most beautiful thing in life to happen again after a self imposed exile...

Once Upon A Time...

(c)Yellowhouse 18/10/2007