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Review on Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" on Silent Scream Zine, Italy, October 2004

Artist Yellowhouse

Title Illusions Of Everyday

Record Comp. MMN Records
Year 2004
Lenght 71:21
Genre Hard Rock

They come from Germany but have little of german, these Yellowhouse, judging from the cosmopolite name and the international sound. The three piece gives us, indeed, thirteen sparkling, harmonious, pompous songs, but in the most classic English rock style. Then we pass from exciting rock situations, as in the case of the opener "Red Light Diamond" (divided into three subchapters) to prolix instrumental digressions which are even too dilated, as in the final "Leaving Too Late", well orchestrated between enjoyable manly melodies and elegant monologues of every musician. Truly rocking the construction of the guitar riffing, that not only enriches the songs of strong power grooves, but also supplies us with a wide and rich repertoire of solos and adornments winking the glorious seventies. That strongly comes out in the storming "Ahead of Our Time", from the martial blues-walking, while at fantasy songwriting level we prefer rather short tracks like "Sacred Feelings" and "Nobody Needs You". The starting acoustic arpeggios of "The Silent Screaming" make us think of the wide presence of Cat Stevens or James Taylor, but it's just a while, since in the remaining six minutes Yellowhouse immediately put out a solid electric riff that immediately shuts up every softness. To appreciate the continuous alternance among ballads like "Land of Lightning" and electric explosions in the style of "What Goes On", this latest one followed by "Babylon", supported song by a syncopated rhythm, by a concrete bass riff and a fitting choir. "Illusions of Everyday" is a likeable album, that does not allow to doubt of the band performance, as prepared and competent as they are, but that does not own particular flashes, moving along the dangerous muds of the "already heard". A spice more of personality, then, can grant Yellowhouse an even more solar future.

Flavio Ignelzi

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Reviews on Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" and Yellowhouse "What´s Shining Through" on Metalliville (The UK´s finest Rock & Metal Webzine), England, September 2004

Yellowhouse - What's Shining Through

(Self Released - 2000)

I can't categories this outfit as they cross right across the board, bringing to the forefront aspects of rock, jazz, funk, metal plus a bit of reggae. Imagine Faith No More meeting Ugly Kid Joe, Living Colour and Lenny Kravitz at a party - sounds cool - believe me it is.
Opener, 'Return to the Sky' will put you in the picture of what I mean by my description of 'Yellowhouse' which features a jazzy solo early in the song. 'Another Day' jumps into the laid back Chilli Pepper territory and I'm sure I recognise that chorus arrangement from somewhere but can't put my finger on where. The title track, 'What's Shining Through' is a bright story about a girl trying to make it and is a likeable power ballad. Then they get weirdy and sorta depressing on us with 'Hollywood Cell' - a strange and negative way of looking at what it's like getting to the top, losing popularity and having no-one to turn to.
An interesting quirky and rather intrepid outburst for a debut - there's plenty going on here.

By Glenn Milligan

Yellowhouse - Illusions of Everyday

(Rock Werk Records - 2003)

Album number two sees the band sounding far more confident with better developed melodies and harmonised vocal approaches but that quirkiness is still there - just listen out for it.
Yellowhouse keep it interesting throughout especially in songs like 'Nobody needs you' about an unwanted control freak by the looks of it. Highlights include 'Signs'; the funky bass grooving of the proggy, quirky 'Babylon'; the poppin' rock EMF like like 'Between the where'.
Be nice to see what album number three will be like.

By Glenn Milligan

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Review on Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" on, Louisville, Kentucky, April 2004


"Illusions Of Every Day"
(MMN Records)
by Jonathan Mariante

Come on into Yellowhouse if you're looking for some rock and roll! Everyone's invited! These guys crank out the jams, playing classic style rock and roll in the 70s/80s vein, with influence from Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Damn Yankees, the Rolling Stones, with a touch of Pearl Jam. I'll begin at the end by first talking about the last song on this CD, "Leaving Too Late". It's quite long, at over ten minutes, and is one of the slower songs on the disc, like Led Zeppelin meets Pearl Jam. Frankly, I didn't find it the most exciting song on here but there is some good guitar playing on it, as there is on the whole album. Guitarist Hartmut Kreckel plays quite well, with a lot of influence by guitarists like Joe Perry, Jimmy Page, and Keith Richards. As for the rest of the album, there are plenty of rocking tunes, like "Red Light Diamond", "Sacred Feelings", "For Ever", "Between The Wheels" (which has a bit of a funky feel to it), and "The Silent Screaming". There are some ballads as well, like "Land Of Lightning" and "Ain't No Cure (For A Messed Up Youth)", these songs showing off the bands Pearl Jammie side. All in all, this is a decent rock album by a fairly talented band, who play straight up, classic style rock and roll without any frills, even if "Leaving Too Late" is a little bit long. Don't know why they felt the need to make this song so lengthy! But aside from that, an enjoyable enough album.

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Review on Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" on, Marlton, New Jersey, March 2004

YELLOWHOUSE/Illusions Of Everyday (Rockwerk Records)

Down n dirty rock n roll. 13 tracks of rock n roll music, that is not metal, but not no glam wanna be metal crap. The band can write some terrific riffs and the singing is right on the money. If your into rock then you will find this cd very satisfying.

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Reviews on Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" and "What´s Shining Through": Beowolfproductions, Phoenixville, PA. USA, March 2004

YELLOWHOUSE - ILLUSIONS OF EVERYDAY (13 song CD) ROCK WERK RECORDS / MMN RECORDS / NOISEGATE PRODUCTIONS Hailing from Germany comes this Rock/Metal band named YELLOWHOUSE. These guys have a really good rocking sound that's very melodic sounding. They have a strong seventies Metal vibe covering their sound a lot. The music is very tight & crystal clear sounding as well. The vocals are done in a melodic Rock type style that really helps pull you into their music!!! -

This is the bands previous CD release that came out before the above release. On this disc they have a more dominate seventies type style to their music. The music is still guitar driven & has a good Rocking sound through out. There is some more spacey or trippy type sounds present on this disc. The vocals are still done in the same style as the above release. You can hear some small differences betwteen the two discs, but their signature sound is on both discs!!! - /

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Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" reviewed on (Promoting REAL Metal Online Since 1995), Canada, February 2004

Yellowhouse - Illusions Of Everyday
February 2004 | Released: 2003, RockWerk Records | Rating: 3.5/5 | Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Hailing out of Germany this 4 piece band delivers a great set of original guitar driven hard rock. Almost every song on this release is great and even the not so powerful ones are still better than some bands strongest. 13 Songs and over 70 minutes of music give fans their money’s worth and more. They got amazing rhythms and catchy hooks. The track “What Goes On” is one that will stick in your head for days after. It has great guitars and solid drums and just has that cool rock and roll vibe happening. Not much originality here but this cd is one that will get many spins because it is a damn fine recording. It is great to see the guitar driven rock is still alive and living in Germany.

Track Listing
1. Red Light Diamond a) Intro b) Red Light Diamond c) Epilogue
2. Sacred Feelings
3. The Silent Screaming
4. Ahead Of Our Time
5. Nobody Needs You
6. Signs
7. What Goes On
8. Babylon
9. Land Of Lightning
10. For Ever
11. Ain´t No Cure (for a messed up youth)
12. Between The Wheels
13. Leaving Too Late click here

Review on Yellowhouse "Illusions Of Everyday" on, Israel, December 2003

Use your illusions, no matter straight or on the rocks.

Once the "Red Light Diamond" theatrical intro gives way to incendiary rock 'n' roll riff, you can breathe out feeling easy: there still are people who revere the '70s hard rock and don't think it needs any contemporary smut to be infecting. Appealing it is and sometimes unexpected too, funky strut making "Signs" taut, but killer tunes of "The Silent Screaming" or "Babylon" get killed by Jensen P.'s pounding vocal delivery. The singer just doesn't have the stretch of Hartmut Kreckel's guitar which can rip one instant and acoustically ripple the other. More or less balanced feel psychedelised "Land Of Lightning" with its spacey harmonies and woozy soloing and murky anthemic "Ain't No Cure", sliding on Matze Pfund's swell bass. So there's all the makings of a smash - if only the band cut the album in two, 71 minutes being too much to enjoy - the guys know it, finishing it all with a sound of snoring - and picked the best cuts. It's a start though, and next time they'll surely do.
**1/2 out of 5

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"Illusions of... yesterday, today and tomorrow"

Alicia de Groth´s exclusive Interview with Hartmut Kreckel (Yellowhouse) 01.12.2003

In the first week of December, I travelled to Hamburg to meet Hartmut Kreckel from Yellowhouse for an exclusive interview. It was a rainy day. You would not get the idea of it’s getting close to Christmas...

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Online interview for "Fullmoonfever" Magazine 08.03.1999

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