17.12.1999 Berlin, Irish Pub O´briens

A more than spinal tap scenario, Yellowhouse playing a Irish Pub? Yes, it was, probably the only band that ever played original music to perform at that venue. Most people really didn´t know how to react and the landlord proved to be a poor character. The set was the same as at the previous gig at Junction Bar.

14.12.1999 Berlin, Junction Bar

The same procedure as the last time, despite two singers and two drummers being outplaced in the interim: the band altered the line in "Red Light Diamond" from "You used to scrap the floors, you used to play in bars" to "You used to scrap the floors, you used to play in junction bar"... and the same procedure as last time also because this is not a rock place really and consequently does not draw many people. The sound was quite good and the debut of two unplugged songs "Hollywood Cell" and "Land Of Lightning" went down very well.

The complete set was the following one: Red Light Diamond - Silver Shadow - Burn, Learn & Turn - Mrs. Gentle - Return To The Sky - Damnation - Between The Wheels - Hollywood Cell (unplugged) - Land Of Lightning (unplugged) - Evolution - Keep On Going My Way - Babylon - Ain´t No Cure - For Ever - Kill Your Dreams - Now You´re Gone - What´s Shining Through - Diana.

04.12.1999 Berlin, Kurt Lade Klub

This was the first time for Yellowhouse in this youth club and the best gig so far. Sadly there weren´t many people, but those who were there enjoyed the gig. This was videotaped by Olaf, who did a respectable job. The set performed was 47 min. long and consisted of: Taped Intro - Red Light Diamond - Silver Shadow - Burn, Learn & Turn - Evolution - Mrs. Gentle - Return To The Sky - Damnation - Between The Wheels - Keep On Going My Way - For Ever - What´s Shining Through.

03.12.1999 Berlin, Die Wille

This was the first time for Yellowhouse in this youth club and a funny experience, as it is when the audience is sitting at a table while watching a rock band. Jensen P.: "It was good fun, especially during *What´s Shining Through*, when the audience was really into singing that *Yeah...* part." Hartmut Kreckel: "The gig started on a bad note for me, when I was going to the gig only to find out that the police took my car away..." The set performed was 70 min. long and consisted of: Taped Intro - Red Light Diamond - Silver Shadow - Burn, Learn & Turn - Evolution - Mrs. Gentle - Return To The Sky - Damnation - Between The Wheels - Keep On Going My Way - Ain´t No Cure (for a messed up youth) - For Ever - Kill Your Dreams - What´s Shining Through - - Diana.

19.11.1999 Berlin, Weiße Rose

Yellowhouse had a good gig and played last on the bill with four other bands, in spite of the sound on stage really being a drag. Hartmut Kreckel broke a string during the rendition of "For Ever" and Jensen P. proved what a good frontman he is. The set list was: Red Light Diamond - Silver Shadow - Mrs. Gentle - Evolution - Return To The Sky - Damnation - Keep On Going My Way - For Ever - What´s Shining Through - Diana. Sadly Toraf Kaiser and Detlev Bruckhoff got a severe cold afterwards and were unable to record in the studio the next day, so this had sadly to be cancelled.

20.06.19 99 Berlin, Kulturfabrik (Fete de la musique)

The last Yellowhouse (Mark 3) gig...! But this was not the only special thing on this one: it was also the first open air gig in the history of Yellowhouse and it was also the first time that Toralf and Hartmut change stage positions; this was due to the fact that the guitar and bass amps were set up that way by the P.A. company, so it was a surprise to see Yellowhouse perform that way. Hartmut Kreckel: "...I never played at this side of the stage since my days in Raiser ten years ago, it didn´t feel comfortable really, it was more of a challenge as well as the wind that was blowing my hair into my face so I could barely look at the fretboard and the stage sound was probably the worst since the Non Tox gig... however it was good to see many new faces at this fete de la musique perfomance as well as some old faces too, even from Yellowhouse Mark 1 days..."
On the other side Toralf Kaiser said: "I don´t mind on which side of the stage I´m performing, I play on any side of the stage...". Yellowhouse performed a 45 minute set consisting of: Evolution - Silver Shadow - Mrs. Gentle - Damnation - Return To The Sky - Sweet Empty Life - Babylon - For Ever - Ain´t No Cure - Keep On Going My Way - What´s Shining Through.

28.05.1999 Berlin, Weiße Rose

Yellowhouse was the last act to perform on that probably hottest night of the whole year and the stage was really big and the sound really great. On a trivia note the first ever Yellowhouse gig, was sceduled at that very venue in March 1996, but never happened. So here at last your favourite band hit the stage and performed a one hour set consisting of: Taped Intro - Evolution - Silver Shadow - Diana (3.00) - Mrs. Gentle - Damnation - Return To The Sky - Sweet Empty Life - Babylon - For Ever - Ain´t No Cure - Kill Your Dreams - Keep On Going My Way - What´s Shining Through. It was very well received by the attending few and the band was kind of depressed, because of the very scarce crowd. It can be said that this seems to be a general phenomenon in the Berlin club circuit these days.

12.05.1999 Berlin, Arena Glashaus

Emergenza part 2 was a bad draw for Yellowhouse as having to be the first band to be on. At that time Yellowhouse would have needed 84 votes from the audience to qualify for the next round, which was a "bit" difficult to achieve, considering the fact that there were only 50 people in the audience during the Yellowhouse set. However the band performed quite well, a 27:20 minute set consisting of Evolution-Keep On Going My Way-Return To The Sky- Ain´t No Cure (for a messed up youth)-For Ever-Babylon got good response from the audience. Sound and lights were really good, sadly the gig didn´t get videotaped by the band themselves, though someone was overseen filming without permission. Hartmut Kreckel: "...it really pisses me off, when the artist being filmed is not even asked for permission and never gets access to this material... that´s reallyunfair... I´m still looking for the Blame video from 95 and a Raiser video from 89!"

12.05.1999 Berlin, JWD

It took 18 months for Yellowhouse to return to this lovely venue, located on a island, though the band did not arrive by boat as previously planned. The venue itself  went through changes, had new monitors and a drum riser... and in the meantime Yellowhouse went through changes as well - the transition from Yellowhouse Mark 2 to Yellowhouse Mark 3 basically and a few other things too. The sound and lights were great and Berliner Abendblatt Ausgabe Spandau had a promo pic of the band advertising the show. The set wasthe same as 23.04. with "Return To The Sky" and "Babylon" done twice.

24.04.1999 Berlin, Bierkeller Siegmundshof

Back again, after the last time over a year ago, Yellowhouse played this student club, this time with Seduce, who played afterwards. Sadly it was a bad day regards crowd attendance, mainly because there were all these student welcome parties around the block. The sound, courtesy of Yellowhouse themselves, was really good and powerful and the performance itself, despite Hartmut breaking a string during the first song ("Evolution") and therefore having to change the guitar, was really great and tight wit "Mrs. Gentle" going down particularly well. No one was letting himself down, being unhappy with the few people turning up.

23.04.1999 Berlin, Studentenclub Börse

This was the first time for Yellowhouse to play this student club in Karlshorst in the south east of Berlin. It was part of a co-headlining series of gigs with *Seduce*, who opened the show on that night and went down very well. Yellowhouse performed the whole set to wild audience reaction. After "What´s Shining Through" they wanted another encore, but the band didn´t have rehearsed more songs, so "Babylon" was done again and went it down extremely well, but that wasn´t enough: the crowd wanted more and more and was treated to another version of "Diana" at 210bpm. The sound was OK, despite some technical problems with Alexa´s microphone, that crapped three times during the first four songs, one time due to the fact that Alexa fell off stage. Toralf and Alexa were performing some sort of headbanging during Hartmut´s guitar solo in "For Ever", while Mike couldn´t believe who was the unexpected guest that turned up during the rendition of "Sweet Empty Life": his girlfriend Claudia coming from Kiel. Everyone enjoyed the show and your favourite band will be booked again.

14.04.1999 Berlin, Knaack

These series of "Wide Open" promo gigs @ the Knaack are what probably every Berlin based band has to do once in their lifetime, so Yellowhouse did it as well and it was really great. The set-list was slightly rearranged, with "Diana" being played at the beginning, and it became, together with time and key indication to each song:
Taped Intro (4:20)
Evolution (3.00) fis
Silver Shadow (3.00) c
Diana (3.00) e
Burn, Learn & Turn (5.00) C
Mrs. Gentle (4.40) fis
Damnation (4.10) fis
Between The Wheels (4.20) e
Return To The Sky (3.40) h
Sweet Empty Life (4.20) c
Babylon (4.30) a
For Ever (6.20) fis
Ain´t No Cure (6.20) g
Kill Your Dreams (4.10) c
Now You´re Gone (3.10) D
Keep On Going My Way (2:30) D
What´s Shining Through (4.30) D

"Now You´re Gone" had to be dropped that night, due to time restrictions. The sound was pretty good that night too, thanks to Bernd taking care of the mixing. Some people were late and therefore missed the gig.

01.04.1999 Berlin, Wild At Heart
With a very professional soundcheck, lasting only 20 min. (!) the band had plenty of time in between soundcheck and gig. The Wild at Heart is only two blocks away from the bands rehearsal room in "CrossHill" and reportedly this gig was the best one so far. The set was basically the same as before, with "Burn, Learn and Turn" added and the running order was slightly changed, making it, complete with time listing:
Taped Intro (4:00)
Evolution (3.00)
Silver Shadow (3.00)
Burn, Learn and Turn (5.00)
Mrs. Gentle (4.40)
Damnation (4.10)
Between The Wheels (4.20)
Return To The Sky (3.40)
Dad/Parents (3.00)
Sweet Empty Life (4.20)
Babylon (4.30)
For Ever (6.20)
Ain´t No Cure (6.20)
Kill Your Dreams (4.10)
Now You´re Gone (3.10)
Keep On Going My Way (2:30)
Diana (3.00)
What´s Shining Through (4.30)

wild.gif (28286 Byte)

26.03.1999 Berlin, Cafe Lietze

This is a youth club located lakeside and was a more private thing, as almost all people attending were friends of the band. Alexa´s parents were there and a one-off vocal/guitar cover of K´s Choise "Dad" was performed to their honour. The set was the same as at the Non Tox gig on 12.03.99 with the addition of "Keep On Going My Way", which as "Sweet Empty Life", is being performed "plugged" by the whole Yellowhouse (Mark 3) band, as opposed to the unplugged versions of Yellowhouse (Mark 2). Despite some incidents, Mike´s cymbal stand fell down and almost hitting Toralf during "Kill Your Dreams" and Hartmut breaking a string and having to change the guitar during "Diana", the show went well.

12.03.1999 Berlin, Non Tox

The same procedure as every year, one would say... "sensational : Yellowhouse and Seduce return!!!" This time Yellowhouse played first, as opposed to last year and as it is a co-headlining show, both bands switch the running order with each gig. Despite some probelms with the P.A. System - Yellowhouse had their longest soundcheck ever, starting at 6p.m. and finally ending, with some intermissions, at 9.30 p.m. - the show went well and the crowd was good in size and interested in the music of Yellowhouse, despite some 15 year old loose girl making an offer to the Yellowhouse guitarrist after the show. Alexa just came from Hamburg to do the show and a new song named "Babylon", written by Hartmut and Toralf with lyrics from Mike, was performed for the first time. The set consisted of: Evolution - Silver Shadow - Mrs. Gentle - Return To The Sky - Damnation - Between The Wheels - Sweet Empty Life - Babylon - For Ever - Ain´t No Cure - Now You´re Gone - Kill Your Dreams and What´s Shining Through. Kill your dreams was only done partially as, while being in the middle of the song, the electricity went down.

04.02.1999 Berlin, Knaack

Yellowhouse played the Emergenza Festival at Berlin´s Knaack Club and were the 6th band out of 7 on the bill. Each band played a 25 min. set after which the audience was asked if they´d like the band to qualify for the next round. Yellowhouse performed Evolution-Return To The Sky-Diana-Ain´t No Cure-For Ever-What´s Shining Through. Hartmut Kreckel: "We had soundcheck at 3 p.m. and played at 10.30 p.m... I really don´t know why we did a soundcheck, for as soon as we hit the stage the monitors crapped and it was quite a challenge to play. However we went down very well and at the end of the day we qualified for the next round, having gained enough votes from the members of the audience. I was a bit scared at first, when I saw that the bands that played before us, brought like five times more people than us to vote for them to qualify for the next round...

Knaack 4 Feb 99

26.01.1999 Berlin, Flöz

The set at this warm-up gig was basically the same as at the first gig, with "Sweet Empty Life" and "Kill Your Dreams" replacing "Mrs. Gentle" and "Between The Wheels" respectively. The gig went very well, despite technical problems, like Alexa´s microphone going down during "For Ever", which led to a half instrumental version of that song... The audience did not let the band go without an encore, so they were hit with a second shot of "Evolution".

11.01.1999 Berlin, Flöz

The Yellowhouse (Mark 3) debut... After two months of rehearsals at three different locations, the band played their first warm-up gig at this venue. They seemed to be a little nervous during the first song, but soon after that it went on great. After almost a year of absence of live activity and two new faces in the band, it was a real challenge. The people accepted the renewed band from the very first notes and everyone was happy. Most people said that they liked it more than Yellowhouse Mark 2. The set consisted of: Evolution-Silver Shadow-Mrs. Gentle-Between The Wheels-For Ever-Ain´t No Cure-Return To The Sky-Diana-What´s Shining Through.

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