26.01.1998 Berlin, Junction Bar

Hartmut: "This was last gig of the Yellowhouse rocks again winter tour 1997/98 at Junction Bar "The Place For Live Music", and it was really cold outside. The band played two sets a 55 min. and some of the newer Yellowhouse "Hits" were done twice, as "Return To The Sky", "Now You´re Gone", "Kill Your Dreams" and "What´s Shining Through". As on most Monday nights, only a few people came, some came along from the previous gigs... and those who came, i. e. those who were "Ahead Of Their Time", enjoyed the show. Thanks to "Zitty" magazine for advertising this show with a big Yellowhouse promo-shot; thanks also go to Locke, who took all the Yellowhouse (Mark II) promo-pictures. And last, but of course not least, a big thank you on behalf of the band to those loyals, who are always there... we know who you are... we certainly do... for sure!"

trash.gif (14969 Byte)

24.01.1998 Berlin, Bierkeller Siegmundshof

Hartmut: "This one really was electric, with some members of the audience going absolutely crazy. Some came along from the gig two weeks ago at Trash and "Return To The Sky", "Between The Wheels", "Sweet Empty Life" and "Ain´t No Cure" went down particularly well. Maybe the beer was a little too cheap at this student-club.
Thanks to Birgit and Kathleen for taking care of the door-take money and to Berlin-"Guide" for advertising the gig with a promo-shot of the band and to "BM live" for advertising this and the next gig with their band-photo (taken at Hartmut´s birthday 10.01.98, 0:45, at Trash Club) and the nice article."

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16.01.1998 Berlin, Non Tox

Hartmut: "We all came down to Non-Tox, this time on a friday and drew more people than the last time and played with Berlin´s upcoming female band "Seduce", who treated the audience with some great original songs, before Yellowhouse hit the stage, opening as always with "Red Light Diamond" and playing one of the best performances of this winter-tour, despite the sound restrictions of that venue and Toralf breaking a cable. As during the last gigs Dominic´s intro to "Now You´re Gone", i.e. to ask the audience to boe the band off, didn´t work out very well, so it was subsequently dropped. Nobody is willing to boe Yellowhouse off!"

09.01.1998 Berlin, Trash (Beat Club)

A gig in a very trendy place in the heart of Kreuzberg, which had been closed in the meantime. After Nick Turner (from Hawkwind) finished his set in the Trash Club, Yellowhouse started at 23.15 to play and drew some people; some came in from the other concert in that Venue, who enjoyed the gig... some were telling the band afterwards, that they enjoyed Yellowhouse more than Nick Turner, having payed 25.- to see Nick Turner and 5.- (!) to see Yellowhouse. This time it was Hartmut´s birthday, so the song "Ahead Of Our Time" was introduced by Dominic opening a bottle of Champagne. On a sour note the DJ´s of that establishment f***ed it up by preventing the band to perform their two planned encores ("Kill Your Dreams" & "Diana"), for which they almost got lynched by the band and their following.

25.12.1997 Frankfurt/O., Rock it

Toralf: "Really a underground type of venue that booked us over christmas. The sound was really good and we played a short set, which preceeded another band. Despite the audience, that really sucked at times (most of the people seemed to be drunk) it was a good show for us and definetly worth travelling to that town near the polish border. We came back to Berlin at 4 am to unload the gear and Hartmut came from Heidelberg that day after spending christmas with his parents. Everybody was tired."

Yellowhouse im Rock it

17.12.1997 Berlin, Non Tox

Toralf: "It was bloddy cold outside (-13°C!) and we played this bizarre place (together with Paradog) and luckily pulled some people. The sound on stage was really a drag and we barely couldn´t hear ourselves. On a personal note Domonic O. S. dedicated "For Ever" to his new old girlfriend Anja, while "Now You´re Gone" was dedicated to Hartmut Kreckel´s former long-time girlfriend Simone in a more bizarre way: shortly after the audience was asked to boe the band off, the singer said: "thank you folks, that was for Hartmut´s old girlfriend..." On another personal note it was birthday of drummer Lars Thomas, that led to celebrate his 29th anniversary afterwards. We´ll be back!"

The set was: Intro - Red Light Diamond - Silver Shadow - Burn, Learn & Turn – Evolution - Mrs. Gentle - Return To The Sky – Damnation - Between The Wheels - Ahead Of Our Time - For Ever - Ain´t No Cure - Now You´re Gone - Kill Your Dreams -Diana.

27.11.1997  Berlin, Wild at heart

Hartmut: "The stage was so small we really couldn´t move. Musically it went very well and we played the full set:
Taped Intro
Red Light Diamond
Silver Shadow
Burn, Learn & Turn
Mrs. Gentle
Return To The Sky
Between The Wheels
Fair Share Of Nothing
Sweet Empty Life (unplugged)
Keep On Going My Way (unplugged)
Ahead Of Our Time
For Ever
Ain´t No Cure
Now You´re Gone
What´s Shining Through
Kill Your Dreams
Diana (Encore)
And Lars almost missed the first encore as he had to go for a ... We hadn´t rehearsed a second encore, enough is enough."

25.11.1997 Berlin, Flöz

This was a secret kind of warm-up gig for the next two shows that week with original drummer Lars Thomas. We played a short 40 minutes only set with unusual song order.

vor dem Gig im Flz

19.11.1997  Berlin, Halford

Hartmut Kreckel: "We played our first gig of Yellowhouse Mark II as part of a Newcomers show with a guest-drummer from Texas named Tico Cook. The show went quite well, with only two rehearsals. Sadly this infamous heavy-metal type of place didn´t promote the gig and subsequently didn´t draw many people. Insult to injury we were ripped off by the promotor of that venue. We were payed a *fair share of nothing*..."

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